Thank You FDR Partners!

As we have shared, FDR Eighth Graders decided to celebrate their graduation with a first-ever yearbook in place of their cancelled Washington DC trip. A team of students, staff, and UUCC volunteers worked hard to complete the book, and the results are wonderful. Entries include … read more.

Volunteer with Unity In Community!

The Need to Feed our Neighbors Continues

The food pantry program that has brought local churches together to provide food for needy families has evolved and changed and the need has never been greater. The program has evolved with money and support to now have … read more.

Urban Hope Needs Volunteers

The Urban Hope team needs people to supply lunch bag dinners for 4th Sundays. It will be awhile before we can return to cooking, delivering and serving full meals to the Ohio City soup kitchen UUCC supports. Lunch bag suggestions include sandwiches, chips, granola bars, … read more.

GCC Leader will Speak on Democratic Reform 5-18 @7pm

GCC Lead Organizer Keisha Krumm will be a speaker at a virtual discussion hosted by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) featuring experts in democracy reform and community organizing.

The ability for every eligible voter to freely participate in elections is the cornerstone of our democracy. … read more.

GCC Criminal Justice House Meeting 5-26 @ 7:30 PM

Are the criminal justice issues swirling around laying heavy on your heart? Feeling a bit powerless as one person? Would you like to share with fellow congregants your concerns that will be gathered up to inform Greater Cleveland Congregations next chapter in addressing Criminal Justice? … read more.

Learn More about GCC: Training Opportunities

Are you interested in learning more about how and why Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) does it’s social justice work? GCC’s affiliate organization, the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), is offering 3 excellent training opportunities in May and June, described here.

Last January and February the IAF affiliates … read more.