New Day Rising Conference National 2021

Date(s) - February 27, 2021
12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Is your congregation ready to take a new step in changing white supremacy culture? Want to learn what your fellow congregations are working on, and how you might apply it at home?
Join a continent of UUs as we explore next steps in creating Beloved UU Communities
On Your Own:
Watch compelling video TED-talk style testimonials from selected congregations around the continent sharing their learnings, hopes and next steps in their quest for racial equity in their congregations
Together on February 27, 2021
  • Worship featuring Lea Morris ~ Workshops ~ Caucusing
  • With plenty of breaks
  • 9a-6p PT/10a-7p MT/11a-8p CT/12n-9p ET

Register Now

Youth need to have permission forms signed before they can attend.
Cost is a sliding scale fee of your choosing: $20/30/40/50, based on your assessment of your ability to pay. Those who pay at the two highest levels are making a donation to help those in financial need for this event. (This is one way we try to build the Beloved Community!) If you are part of a congregational team of three or more, please pay the lowest fee.
Workshops Include:
  • Prework – Congregational Testimonial Videos about work they are doing.
  • Uprooting White Supremacy inherent in Covenant Building with Natalie Briscoe, Cameron Young, Christine Purcell
  • Covenant, Evil and Labor: A Preface of Welcome for Young Folx of Color with Sara Green, Tyler Coles, Sana Saeed, Jaidyn Bryan, Rev. Stevie Carmody, Micaela Lattimer
  • Congregational paths to address both Climate Crisis and Systemic Oppression with Rev. Karen Brammer
  • Now What? For Congregations with 25% or more BIPOC members with Rev. Erica Baron
  • Staying the Course – Navigating Pushback, Fatigue, and Reactivity in Dismantling White Supremacy with Hilary Allen
  • Leading Anti-racism In Our Congregations As Black, Indigenous, and People of Color with Rev. Sunshine Wolfe. Offered in both workshop slots.
  • There’s an Elephant in the Room: How to Have Difficult Conversations in Church with Rev. Tandi Rogers. Offered in both workshop slots.
  • The 8th Principle with Paula Cole Jones. Offered in both workshop slots.
  • Organizing for Liberation: Developing an Organizing Strategy Rooting in Anti-Racism with Rev. Michael Crumpler and Organizing Strategy Team
  • Imani Ritual with Ayanna Kafi Stringer and Rev. Duncan E Teague
  • Foundations of Community Building with Shannon Harper
  • The Congregation of Our Dreams with Janice Marie Johnson
  • Song Writing with Lea Morris

Submitted by: Nancy King Smith