Mary Schatzman April 12 UUCC Zoom-In…LIVE! Special Guest

“Mary was the Board President of The Society during the reunification discussions, and was a member of the Reunification Task Force that developed the terms for the Society and First U to reunify. ”

The pre-show begins 10-12 minutes before 8 with a three song music mix, then follows with David and co-host interviewing the special guest for about 25 minutes. After a short break, the audience asks questions of the guest for the remainder of the show. “The smart folks show up at around 12 minutes before 8 and stay a few minutes after the show ends to listen to the music,” David observed.

The UUCC community is provided with the Zoom link to the show the Sunday before each episode in the late afternoon/early evening. The sender of the link is “Zoom In Live.”