The Building Use Group has been formed from members of Operations Council, the Board of Trustees, Buildings and Grounds, and staff to meet regularly and provide updated guidance on the use of UUCC’s buildings by its congregation. The Group’s discussions are informed by available data, health orders, and official guidelines. In addition, the Board of Trustees created a “UUCC Building Use Principles” statement to place our decision-making within our UU values.

Updated: September 15, 2021 for now and the foreseeable future, with expected Monthly Updates

UUCC Guidelines for Internal Groups and Renters and Outside Organizations

As a religious congregation, it is our responsibility to lead in keeping our community safe and healthy. Though we acknowledge the importance of individual conscience, as a congregation, we hope to have the highest vaccination rate possible for eligible individuals.

All staff and front-line volunteers (e.g., Board of Trustees, Committee Chairs, Small Group Leaders, RE Volunteers/Teachers, etc.), eligible for vaccination against COVID 19 must be vaccinated; any who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons must be tested weekly for COVID 19.

“Internal Groups” includes: Employees, Members, Friends, and Visitors to UUCC events.

“Renters and Outside Organizations” includes all regularly scheduled and one-time users (not specifically UUCC) of any of our properties.

The Gathering Covenant will guide our behavior and decision-making

Gathering Covenant

In gathering together, we promise to:

  • Assume good intentions and use this covenant and congregation policies to guide our actions.
  • Give and accept reminders to the covenant gracefully.
  • Gain consent before touching/hugging others.
  • Wear masks in shared spaces until vaccines are available to all the children.
  • Find ways to be inclusive of adults who cannot be vaccinated.
  • Prioritize the safety of the whole community over our own sense of what is safe for ourselves.
  • Respect the authority of the people making policies.
  • Not gather in person if we are not feeling well, or are not vaccinated and have been exposed to Covid 19.

Food and beverages must be either served to individuals consistent with Ohio Department of Health regulations or brought for their own needs.

No one-time events (e.g., wedding, funeral) by Renters and Outside Organizations lacking prior relationships with UUCC.

UUCC requires that all users of the building:

  • Wear masks properly when in the building unless an individual is alone in a closed space.
  • Enter and exit via the doors specified for the room being used.
  • Use the restrooms assigned to the room being used.
  • Stay within the space assigned (don’t wander the building).
  • Refrain from gathering in hallways, stairways, vestibule, and restrooms.
  • Maintain social distancing as practicable within meeting rooms.
  • Respect the workspaces and facilities used by the staff and volunteers.
  • Assume the risk for their own activities.

Outdoor gatherings (including Sunday Services)

  • Social distancing of 6 feet and wearing masks regardless of vaccination status (in a beloved community, masking and social distancing is not asking too much)
  • Color-coded name tags (Green, most comfortable; Yellow, more careful; Red, most cautious) will be used at Services to indicate wearer’s current gathering comfort level (there will be signage with explanations)

Indoor Gatherings

  • Members of Small Groups and Committees to discuss the Small Group Regathering Decision Guide before making room inquiries
  • Safe room capacities, that take social distancing into account, will determine availability:
    • 11-20 people, 3 rooms 
    • 10 people, 1-3 rooms
    • 3-9 people, many rooms
  • The Congregation Administrator will assign rooms in consultation with members of Buildings & Grounds
  • Technology options and recommendations for hybrid (combined in-person and remote) gatherings are being developed