Salon: Thought-Provoking Discussions

The first meeting for this group that will gather on 4th Wednesdays will be June 22. We will be brainstorming topics for discussions in future gatherings. The topics can be varied and provide opportunities for stimulating conversational engagement with one other.

Examples of possible topics could be: the legacy of the Baby Boomer generation; the supernatural (have you ever had an experience that you can’t explain?); why art? (Why did humans invent art? What does it do for us?); the right/left political spectrum…does it even make sense anymore?; cryptocurrency; our relationship to food; what sources do you use to get information about the world/politics; conspiracy theories; what do we mean by freedom?; manufacturing consent (taken from Noam Chomsky’s book). Email with any questions.

This group is for 18 yr+. Participants are asked to commit to attending most monthly gatherings for purposes of planning and continuity. New people may join anytime space permitting. Limit: 12

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