Beloved Conversation Spring Term: Register Now: Class starts 3-16

The Within Phase of Beloved Conversations Virtual, and the individual, personal work we all need to do, will continue in the Spring Term, with all new content!
Registration: February 1-26th, 2021 
Class Begins: March 16th, 2021
Spring Term Ends: End of May/Beginning of June, 2021

Program Details: As with the entire Within Phase, the courses, gatherings, and materials will be different for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and white folks. Our Lessons, Pods, and Meaning Making Sessions will still be done in race-based caucuses. 

  • Gathering Our Selves I & II, for BIPOC: Folks who have completed Fall Term will continue on to Gathering Our Selves II, with new material in the Spring Term. Folks who will be new to the program will begin with the older material in Gathering Our Selves I. The two groups will come together for Meaning Making Sessions.
  • Un/Learning for Liberation, for white folks: Material will be all new and accessible to people who are just beginning or those continuing on from the Fall. Folks will all be together in one cohort for Meaning Making Sessions and combined into Learning Pods that will mix both newer folks and folks who have completed the Fall Term.
  • Cost: $250 USD per person (lay folks and religious professionals). White folks and folks with economic privileges/ample professional expenses will be encouraged to pay more. Full and partial scholarships will be generous and easily accessible, simply by emailing and asking for one. Go to to read more about the program.