Ruminations: Shoes

Sammie had a routine. Maybe we’d say a habit. The very first thing Sammie did after coming home was kick off whatever shoes Sammie was wearing. It was a way of saying, “Now I can relax.” The action was usually accompanied by a sigh … read more.

Helping Hands Grows our Community

Helping Hands volunteers are at the ready to assist when a need arises, whether it be a ride to church, to an appointment, a meal delivered or dispatching a chore.
Often our congregants need a lift, a helping hand, or other support.

Please consider serving with this … read more.

Sunday Collection Plate Giving

At UUCC, our mission includes Justice in Action. We strive to actively live the principles and values of Unitarian Universalism. In that spirit, UUCC donates money through our Sunday Collection Plate program to groups in our community or congregation that are doing work … read more.

Ruminations: Mysterium

Even when we’re really good at something, we might look around the room and invite someone else to give it a try.