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Religious Education (or, Exploration)––”RE” for short!–– names the spaces where we bring our questions and curiosities about our spiritual lives and enrich our spiritual selves!

This includes big, boundless and unanswerable questions along with personal, individual expressions. And they get asked by everyone from the time they learn to talk to their final years with us. 

Sometimes this kind of exploring involves classes, other times it is in walks through nature or time spent in community together. We read books and listen to music and watch things. We do these things together and we always honor the questions that carry us. 

Now that you’re here––and we’re so glad that you are!––please feel free to connect and engage!

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And feel free to connect with our Director of Religious Education, Dr. Allan Georgia––he’s open to chat via email, text or phone anytime. Also, find him at the Van Aken Market Hall (3441 Tuttle Rd.) on Mondays at 2pm!