Ruminations: Wink

Chris was a predictably playful person. I didn’t know them well, but in public settings at least, Chris was a bit impish. There was a clear indication when Chris was about engage in a bit of mischief, too. Chris would lock eyes with someone close … read more.

High School OWL Parent Meeting

Our High School OWL class has started, but we still need to have some informational sessions for parents. This is a chance to explain the program, answer any questions and (crucially!) to get permission slips signed for the course. We’ve been working hard to … read more.

January In-Person Hiatus

Just before Christmas, we temporarily closed the UUCC building in light of the extremely high Covid rate in Northeast Ohio. While the rate is still high, we believe there are situations where smaller groups can meet safely – if they are comfortable doing so. … read more.

Ruminations: Puppy

Thinking about our Second Principle—our commitment to nurture justice, equity, and compassion in our human relationships—has me thinking about other relationships. Namely, I’m thinking about our relationships with furry, four-legged members of our households.

No, we haven’t adopted a pandemic pet. But nearly everyone on our … read more.

YRE January Hiatis

Alongside the closing of the building for worship and large group gatherings through this month in response to our dramatic rise in COVID numbers, the YRE program is on hiatus until February. So, we will not be gathering on Sunday mornings for YRE until February. … read more.

Ruminations: Spoon

We began Chalica this week reflecting on our First Principle as Unitarian Universalists—our mutual covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person. But how do we define what it means to have “inherent worth.”

Our friend might take a piece of … read more.

High School OWL begins January 9

High School OWL WILL be meeting in person this month. Because OWL has specific classroom requirements and as a result of the time left in the year, we are pressing forward with this crucially important YRE program. 

Parents of High School youth have already been contacted … read more.

Adult RE Class: The Eighth Principle

The Racial Justice Leadership Team will be leading a timely and urgent ARE session on the Eighth Principle — A proposed addition  to the UU’s seven principles in support of anti-racist work both within congregations and without. But in the process, there are lots of … read more.