Ruminations: Clutter

We bought a couch for our new home. It arrived a couple of weeks ago in a big box, which we put close to where we wanted to assemble it. But there were other things in the way. Other boxes we needed to unpack first. … read more.

Food for Our Minds and Spirits: The King

Sometimes it is hard to tap into our spiritual selves or find time to nurture our intellectual curiosity. Here is a section that reflects on some nourishing materials from around the web and related media channels in order to get us thinking, get us … read more.

Ruminations: Water

This Sunday, we’re celebrating Ingathering with a special Water Ceremony that acknowledges all the different things water might symbolize in our lives. The things we thirst for. The places where we have been cared for or carried. The storms in our lives that still need … read more.

Ruminations: Insulation

You know I’m moving into a new home. Not a new house. Just a house that’s new to me. It’s an old house, with lots of old house problems character.

One bit of that old house character is a little bit of a leaky roof. No … read more.

Soon to Come! RE Registration for All Ages!

We’re getting things organized and prepared for what we hope will be a full and in-person Fall at UUCC. And REGISTRATION FOR ALL RE PROGRAMS WILL BE SENT OUT THIS WEEK!

RE is for ALL AGES, so please think about how you’d like to learn and grow––whatever … read more.