Archives Committee Seeks Information

The Archives Committee continues to work to ensure that our church’s history is recorded thoroughly and accurately, is stored safely and permanently, as well as being accessible to all for research, education, administrative use, and for enjoyment.

A current Archives project is the creation of timelines showing the significant events in the histories of First Unitarian Church, the UU Society, and of the UUCC.
You can help us with this project if you have knowledge, personal experience, or materials regarding important events in those histories.
Each week the Archives Committee will post one or two questions for you in the weekly newsletter. Recent questions are:

October 20

How did we come to acquire the beautiful harpsicord? Who was instrumental in making this happen?

October 13

When did the church get our Steinway piano? How did we come to acquire it and who was instrumental?

October 6

When were renovations to the garden made? Names of organizers/workers? When was the Memorial Garden started? Who was instrumental in its creation?

September 29

When were the solar panels installed?Who were the people who were instrumental in the solar project?

If you have any information that provides answers to these questions, please contact the Archives Committee via Sandy Wilson. 216-785-6318