Sundays at UUCC are special times where our congregation gathers together to find strength in our community, explore our spiritual selves, and learn about the world around us. Events that occur on Sundays include:

If you are new to our congregation, we invite you to learn more about What to Expect on Sunday mornings.

You can find information about our past services here.

Upcoming Sunday Services

Join us for our Sunday worship services! Find us in-person on the east lawn of the church or online at 11:00 am on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

Religious Education

Unitarian Universalism is all about a life-time of exploration, growth and self-examination. And that’s why “education” is such a big part of our community. From our youngest kids to our most sage elders, we are committed to the idea that this kind of learning is … read more.

Blessing of the Animals

We welcome a variety of species into worship as we take time to focus on our meaningful relationships with other animals. In many traditions, blessing someone or something imparts divine power or life. We might also think of blessing as an intentional way of expressing gratitude. We … read more.

Permission Granted

As we recognize the importance of Coming Out Day (October 11), we also take time to consider how we show up in our various relationships. Are we honest and authentic about what we need and what we have to offer? Do we put on masks … read more.

Put This Song on Replay

We all have some habits and routines. We probably do a lot of things without really thinking. We just do what we’ve grown accustomed to doing. Sometimes, though, our habits and routines outlive their usefulness. We might recognize places where we want to grow or change. Cultivating … read more.