Beyond Categorical Thinking Follow-up


Thanks to the approximately 50 people who attended the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop on Saturday, Dec. 12th and for everyone who tuned in to the follow-up service on Sunday, also featuring Rev. Keith Kron from the UUA Transitions Office. One of the exercises we were challenged with as participants in the workshop, was to image how our lives would have played out differently if we were born a different gender, race, or sexual orientation than we are. The responses were immediate, and eye opening. Clearly we are collectively aware of the biases that exist toward people who are considered “other” in some way from what is accepted as the “norm,” as well as differences in how gender and race impact privilege and perception.

All members of the Search Committee participated in the workshop, and in our meeting this week, we were already thinking of ways to support the success of any minister that we might call, as well as members of the congregation, should issues of bias impact “right relation.” We are committed to a healthy ministry and a healthy congregation, and will continue to carry out the process of vetting applicants with this resolution in the forefront.

We indicated in our update to the congregation on 12/6, and have been assured by the Transitions office, that we will be receiving the names of interested ministers between January 2nd -15th. We will be very busy at that point reviewing materials, interviewing candidates and checking references, but won’t have a lot we can update you on due to the confidentiality of the process until we have a candidate to present in April. You will still get general updates, and access to the congregational record.

We continue to register the trust and support of the congregation, and feel gratitude. We met with our Transitions Office coach, Christine, and she assures us we are on track, functioning as we should be, and have a strong congregation record. We have every reason to be optimistic about the likelihood of attracting well-suited candidates. We send all of you holiday greetings, and a New Year filled with joy, peace, love, and of course justice! We are taking 2 weeks off in anticipation of a very busy January, but feel free to send any questions to us via email to .

With Gratitude and in Fellowship,
Amy Collins
Communications Lead
UUCC Ministerial Search Committee