Calling It Forward

Call It Forward

During this unique period in our congregational life, where being together in the same physical space is not possible, identifying ways for us to connect with each other is of paramount importance. One simple approach to doing so has been identified, and all of us can play a part in Calling It Forward.

Here’s how it works: Just pick up your church directory, identify somebody who you’d like to chat with – it can be somebody you know well, somebody you’re kind of familiar with, or somebody you’d like to get to know in our
congregation – give them a call and have a chat. Those of us who’ve already
done this have been surprised and pleased by the response by the call recipients – in a time where we’re mostly sheltered in place, having the opportunity to connect is the most human of needs. And making that call meets the needs of the people on both ends of the call.

CALL RECIPIENTS: This is where the “Calling It Forward” part comes in. For each call that you receive, we’re asking that YOU make a call to somebody
else. Continuing this process will enable us to maintain and expand our links to each other, and strengthen our congregation, regardless of how long the current situation persists. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that directory and make that call…NOW!!