Gratitude to the Stewardship Kickoff Drivers

Over 2 dozen members of the UUCC congregation volunteered to deliver stewardship materials to their fellow congregants. 232 bags were prepared for delivery. In addition, 25 packages were mailed to members and friends who live outside of the delivery area or are away for the winter.

The Stewardship Team and Congregation are grateful for their time and effort.

Why people volunteered:

This is a friendly visit – you’ll have a bag from the Stewardship Committee (with some added fun) that you’ll deliver to about 5 members/friends. If the congregant is home we hope you’ll have a friendly conversation, or maybe you’ll learn something that we should know about the congregant. You will not be asking for money or anything like that. This is a great way to connect with congregants that you may not have met before.

  • I think delivering these bags is valuable and I enjoy meeting and chatting with fellow congregants.
  • Member was very pleased to meet me and invite me into her home. She allowed that she had not been to the church in over a year, looking forward to getting to know Randy.
  • This was an efficient operation! My delivery footprint was very compact. I delivered two on the way home from work and the last two were so close to home I ditched the car and got a nice walk in too.
  • I’m pretty new to the congregation. I appreciated the opportunity to get to know these members — I had a great time.
  • Had a long, wonderful conversation with members who no longer travel so have not been to church. I enjoyed hearing how they have been involved over the years. They appreciated my visit and want to come back!
  • People were friendly, receptive and thankful.
  • Thanks for making it so easy!

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