February Search News

Search Committee Update

Dear UUCC Members and Friends,

The Ministerial Search Committee is busy with all of the things you might imagine a search committee should be doing: reading, listening, meeting, calling, and yes–interviewing! We are in the process of working thoughtfully through the steps UUA requires for discerning and choosing ministerial candidates. We are adhering to UUA guidelines governing confidentiality (to protect candidates as well as congregations), thus we are unable to share information about individuals we have interviewed. Timelines are tight and deadlines are approaching! We can assure you the
Zoom lines are humming, and our committee is at bat-swinging for the fences!

One of the key documents ministerial candidates are using to get to know us at UUCC is our Congregational Record where information was harvested from 135 Congregational Surveys, more than a dozen focus and cottage meetings and background on both First U and Society regarding our recent reunification. We will be providing a link to the UUCC Congregational record on the website, should you be interested in taking a deeper dive into a detailed representation of our congregation.

We are honored and grateful to be serving UUCC! By the way, if you feel the need to address the committee with a more honorific title, we have dubbed ourselves “The Magnificent 7.” It surfaced in one of our candidate interviews when Dawn was introducing us, and stuck! Don’t worry, we are
as humble as ever. . .

As always, feel free to send any questions to us via email to search@uucleveland.org

With Gratitude and in Fellowship,
Amy Collins
Communications Lead,
UUCC Ministerial Search Committee