Food for Our Minds and Spirits: Reach Out and Touch Someone

That old AT&T slogan may be one of my earliest memories of advertising. I recall a commercial that felt like it was filmed through a blue filter and there was the space-aged-feeling logo. Somehow thinking about it reminds me of Christmas. It’s one of the most enduring and remembered ad campaigns in American history.

Everything about this image is dripping in 80’s nostalgia, down to the orange flower coffee cup.

I was thinking about this slogan and the ads that went with it when I read this article from Psych News Daily. The gist of it is something that may not come as a surprise to people, but I do hope it comes as an invitation. Reaching out to an old friend is a really, really, really big deal to the person who has been reached out to. Its gigantic how much it means, and most of us underestimate how big of an impact it can have.

This confirms something I’ve been suspecting, especially in our new COVID paradigm. It seems that people are having a lot of difficulty connecting, but at the same time, those people are feeling more and more isolated and lonely. It is an anxious thing to meet new people. But we all crave connection. Its a paradox that lives in the place where our spirits meet our mental ecosystem––a deep need met in a world that makes it hard, sometimes, to reach out.

That’s why friends can be so important. Non-family who still care for you and love you. That is a rare thing. It’s something worth holding onto, if you can. Is there someone you haven’t talked to in a while that might appreciate a call? A letter? Just a short message? It may mean more to them than you can even imagine.

Allan T. Georgia, M.Div., M.T.S., PhD

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