Author: Allan Georgia

Youth RE: We’ve got snacks now!

Now that our YRE classes are meeting on Sundays from 11:30 – 12:30, we are very much into the lunch hour while we are in class. And we want to be very conscientious about our hungry kids!

It doesn’t make sense to provide a full lunch … read more.

Helping Refugees in Northeast Ohio!

Part of a campaign initiated by the USCRI (United States Committee on Refugees and Immigrants)

On our first Sunday in November, senior high youth Graham Torok explained his Eagle Scout project focusing on refugee families in Northeast Ohio. These are people who are not only forced … read more.

Unity in Community Ends Service

Thank you for your support!
Unity in Our Community Emergency Food Pantries, which was established during the pandemic, ended its program this month

Unity In Community Volunteers

Unity in Community Emergency Pantry Vision & History

The Unity in Community Emergency Food Pantry began in March 2020 as a … read more.