Food for Our Minds and Spirits: Unbelievable, but This Totally Happened

I heard an amazing story about a couple of lakes that should remind all of us just how extraordinary chance can be, and how it can quite literally shape the world around us. It has to do with time measure in epochs, gigantic space rocks, the movement of continents and the terrain of Canada. It’s best summarized in this TikTok video, which explains both what is going on with these lakes and why it is such an extraordinary coincidence.

The lesson, to me, is about understanding the shape of things. I think of these placid lakes and the way that humans and animals have taken joy and refreshment from them. A prehistoric human wandering by would have seen meaningful pattern in two similarly sized, similarly shaped bodies of water next to each other. Perhaps they would have seen them as this blessing and relief after a deep need for fresh water. And all the while they are chance artifact from a violent and destructive event that no one was around to witness. Perhaps chance and design are closer to one another than we realize. These two lakes remind us the counterintuitive fact that sometimes patterns evolve out of chaos.

Allan T. Georgia, MDiv, MTS, PhD

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