Help in Memorial Garden April 23 and 24 / 12 to 3 pm

Our UUCC property is being attacked by a nasty invasive plant called Lesser Celandine. It has pretty leaves and yellow flowers but it grows so quickly and thickly that it chokes out all other plants, destroying the other plants and depriving local wildlife of needed food. It has taken root next to the Memorial Garden and threatens that lovely space. If not removed, it will threaten the Community Garden and the apple orchard.

Lesser Celandine is difficult to remove. It can’t be simply pulled out because it has tubers about 8″ underground that will continue to produce plants. It has to be dug out carefully, including removing the tubers that are delicately attached to the rest of the plant. The only other option is glyphosate, and the time when that can be effective has passed.

Dell will be digging these diabolical plants out near the Memorial Garden on Friday and Saturday 12 – 3. Anyone who wants to help is most welcome.