UUCC Recycles

We recycle Glass Bottles, Paper, Plastic Bottles, Cans, Plastic Tubs and Food Waste

Changes are coming to our UUCC Recycle Program.
Our parking lot is resurfaced and the Paper recycle bins have been moved. Paper Recycle Bins as of September 18th are available in the Southeast corner of our parking lot,
Our new Paper recycle bins are owned by River Valley. Our Rust belt Rider Bins, and Repeat Glass bins will also be moved from their current location to the Southeast corner. We will also be adding a trashcan to the recycle center when the new location is set up. Inside our building we continue to recycle: cans, bottles and plastic tubs recycle system.

Why do we Recycle

7th Principle: Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence of Which We Are a Part

The reason why recycling is so important is that it prevents pollution, reduces the need to harvest new raw materials, saves energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, saves money, reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and allows products to be used to their fullest extent. As UU’s most of us acknowledge this ideal. But the reality is that recycling is a “Market” and we can only recycle items that have a “Market”. So here at UUCC we do what we can. Ministry for Earth offers some recycling options for the congregation and for our nearby neighbors.

Recycling is good but its better to Reduce, and reuse.

Recycle Plastic Bottles and Cans inside our building:
you will find 5 recycle stations in convenient locations in our building. These bins are for plastic bottles, and cans, with a separate bin for paper in 4 of the recycle stations. There is a picture on 4 of the bins telling you what is acceptable. Plastic and paper cups are not recyclable, no matter what the manufacturer tells you. This is a “market issue”. Glass bottles and Paper can be recycled in our outdoor recycle center.

Recycle Plastic Tubs inside our building:
Save your plastic tubs and recycle them here. That would be your cottage cheese, yogurt and butter tubs. Most members of the congregation have recycle haulers that do not recycle these items. This is a limited market and we have found a hauler who wants this type of plastic. Bring your clean plastic tubs, and their lids and place them in the large blue recycle bin found in the east end of the 1st floor across from the Impact office. Do not put flower pots or other types of plastic in this bin.

Glass Bottle Recycle Bins in our Parking Lot:
We recycle bottles of all colors in 3 bins. Repeat Glass , opened for business in Cleveland in 2022, to provide an effective and reliable glass recycling stream for homes and businesses in Northeast Ohio. The problem is that the majority of glass recycling in Northeast Ohio is comingled, which means that it it mixed with other recyclables (i.e. paper, aluminum, plastics) resulting in highly contaminated glass which is not recyclable as bottles. It is sent to land fills as mass cover or used in sidewalk cement and other non-bottle uses. Uncontaminated glass can be recycled and made into new bottles forever. Repeat Glass has 3 cans, blue with yellow lids, 64 gallon plastic rolling bins, in our parking lot next to the Paper bins and the Rustbelt rider bins. These bins are for glass only and are available for free to UUCC congregants and the community.

Paper Recycling In our Parking lot:
River Valley has 2 Paper recycling bins in our parking lot. Any money collected by this program goes to our Ministry for Earth to support their programs which includes the church permaculture gardens and orchard. Due to low market prices for recycled paper the funds are very limited. This is a service that we offer to the community. These bins accept paper and flattened cardboard. Please do not put plastic bags in these bins. Shredded paper should be placed in paper bags so it doesn’t blow around.

Compost all your home food Waste with Rust Belt Riders In our Parking lot:
The Rust Belt Riders Neighborhood food-scrap drop off program , a fee based program, is available in the UUCC Parking Lot. Three Bins are in the Parking lot next to the paper recycle bins and and glass bins are available 24/7/365 for collection of household food-scraps.

Participation requires you to sign up online HERE. Members are asked to pay $10 per month and may bring as many or as few food-scraps as are produced in their household. Rust Belt Riders recommends using a 5-gallon bucket lined with a BPI-Certified compostable bag or brown paper bag to collect your scraps in. you can drop off when it is convenient as often as you like. If you want a “special bucket” Rust Belt Riders buckets and bags can be purchased at any Phoenix Coffee Cafe, but any transport container that allows the scraps to breath will keep down bad odors and provide easy transport to the bins. Remember use only the acceptable compostable bags, paper bags or no bag. .

Upon signing up, participating members will receive a 4-digit code in their welcome email that can be used to open the padlocks securing the lid of the collection container.

Their program can collect all food-scraps and any BPI-Certified compostable product. This includes raw and cooked foods, animal products, and bones.