Helping Refugees in Northeast Ohio!

Part of a campaign initiated by the USCRI (United States Committee on Refugees and Immigrants)

On our first Sunday in November, senior high youth Graham Torok explained his Eagle Scout project focusing on refugee families in Northeast Ohio. These are people who are not only forced to leave their home, they are trying to make sense of a new place, often with very little resources. These are profound changes to navigate, and Graham has invited us to help them build a home among us in Northeast Ohio. Here’s Graham’s invitation to all of us:

Hi, I am Graham Torok of Scout Troop 15 in Shaker Heights Ohio.

I’m partnering with USCRI (United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants), a local nonprofit that helps resettle refugees. I’m doing this for my scout eagle project.

My goal is to collect 20 laundry baskets that are full of the most essential needs for refugees. (See below)

If you want to help me: 

You could donate to my cause during the month of November.  

  • The most essentials needs are: cutting boards, steak knives, cutting knives, strainers ,shower rings, hand soap, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet brushes, , baskets, detergent, clotheslines, clothespins, reusable grocery bags (large and small),, tissues,reusable grocery bags large and small, conditioner, shaving cream, dental floss ,band aids, q-tips, nail clippers, nail files, hairbrushes, combs, diapers – especially size newborn, soccer balls, and baby dolls with different skin colors.
  • See a full list here!


  • I am collecting items at my home 17850 South Woodland Rd. Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120
  • I am also collecting items at my Church: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland 21600 Shaker Blvd on Sunday mornings
  • Or you could donate to the cause HERE

You can also contact me if you have questions – 

My email is

My number is (216)778-0988

Thank you so much for your support, effort, and interest in helping refugees in Cleveland. 

Allan T. Georgia, MDiv, MTS, PhD

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