January Search News

Search Committee Update

Happy New Year!

We want to take a moment to acknowledge the work that has been completed thus far in the ministerial search process.  The first phase of the search benefited from participation of UUCC members in completing a comprehensive survey, and attending interactive Focus and Cottage Groups to garner input. We learned who we are, what is important to us, what we seek in a ministerial partner, and what our aspirations are as a community.  The Search Committee interpreted and used that information to draft our Congregation Record, which was launched into the UUA website ethers for Ministers who are entering Search to discover on 12/1. Minsters entering the Search process have until the end of December to assemble their packets. On Jan. 2nd, the on-line platform will generate a list and send us the packets of ministers who have expressed an interest in our congregation, and we can receive additional interest over the following 2 weeks.

We have tried to be very communicative and sought a lot of input during the past several months. Over the first 3 months of 2021, we will be very busy reviewing packets, interviewing candidates, checking references, and narrowing the field to a few final candidates before we choose the minister we will present to the congregation. This part of the process will be internal and confidential. We will not be at liberty to share any information about the applicants during that time.  Know that we are committed stewards of this process and will be working hard and well on behalf of the congregation to find the best ministerial partner suited to us. During this time, we will still provide general, likely less frequent updates, and we will send a link to the congregational record to members in January.

We continue to register the trust and support of the congregation, and feel gratitude. We met with our Transitions Office coach, Christine, and she assures us we are on track, functioning as we should be, and have a strong congregation record.  We have every reason to be optimistic about the likelihood of attracting well-suited candidates. We wish all of you a New Year filled with joy, peace, love, and of course justice! As always, feel free to send any questions to us via email to search@uucleveland.org .

With Gratitude and in Fellowship,
Amy Collins
Communications Lead
UUCC Ministerial Search Committee