Help needed mulching UUCC Apple Orchard! Saturday November 6th, 12 noon

A Beautiful Day In Our (Orchard) Neighborhood!

Our UUCC Ministry for Earth Committee asks for help to complete the work started by the 7th and 8th grade Impact students and our loyal UUCC Garden and orchard helpers. We have had several work days laying out cardboard and then covering the cardboard with compost and mulch. We have made a big start but there is still a small area that needs cardboard and then we need to cover all the cardboard with a thick layer of compost and mulch to smother all the grass. In the spring we will be planting pollinator and companion plants to hep with the health of the Orchard and it companion insects and microbes..

Saturday will be beautiful, sunny and warm—great for finishing the good lasagna mulching work begun by IMPACT kids and adult volunteers. Bring well-marked wheelbarrows, shovels, and garden rakes. Also bring cardboard. See you there!

Saturday November 6th at 12 noon to 3pm
UUCC parking lot
Bring gloves, shovels, rakes, and Wheelbarrows! Mark tools with your name.
We’ll have a lot of compost and mulch to move!