Leadership Council Update June 2021

Meetings: 2021-05-06 and 2021-05-20

Items which were addressed by Leadership Council during our recent meetings:

  • Covid Issues
    • Regathering and Building Reopening discussions were the primary focus of the May LC meetings.
    • The Building Use Group met twice in addition to lengthy discussions during both LC meetings.
    • Regathering and Reopening have become more complex due to rapidly changing CDC and state guidance. Discussions reflected a mixture of caution, impatience, frustration, and enthusiasm for gathering in person. Many people are no longer interested in being data driven: not relevant to us, doesn’t tell the full story, have to allow people to regather regardless.
    • Current Building Use guidelines:
      • Building Use Guidelines took 2 weeks to draft, revise and approve. In general, they still reflect a cautious approach to being in-person. 
      • Allan Georgia, Amy Glesius, and Carol Gay drafted the Gathering Covenant which was revised and mailed to all congregants.
      • UUCC Small Groups should all read and discuss “Small group regathering decision making.” Once the group as a whole has reached consensus on regathering, they can contact Shirley Nelson if they wish to meet in the Shaker Building.
    • Long-term goal: plans for hybrid service offerings to facilitate full indoor in-person services by In-Gathering in September
  • Impact of Search and Transitions
    • Staff is working with various committees and individuals to plan for and carry out the work associated with Ministerial Search and Transitions. This is a rapidly evolving and developing issue that requires additional communications and coordination.
  • Worship
    • The Worship Committee has plans in place for service topics through the summer.
    • Mike Carney is awaiting delivery of the outdoor sound system.
  • Events
    • Sharon Edmonds held the Auction virtually May 22-23 and raised over $4,000.
    • Moises Borges concert planned for May 29 (might be the unofficial kickoff for candidating week). Still seeking financial support online.
    • Solar Panel event to be held June 7. Sharon is securing a UUCC outdoor banner to be displayed during it (and other events)
  • Buildings and Grounds
    • Don Stimpert continues to wrestle with the internet issues. He installed a new broadband modem from Spectrum and is working on updating the settings. There was an outage after the installation and Spectrum said the cause is outside of the Shaker building. A crew will address it–no date for resolution.
    • The alarm system has been moved to the new Protegis account and we will transition away from the old system. Testing is ongoing. The constant alarms from the old system have been set in silent mode during the transition.
  • Communications
    • The Weekly Update has transitioned to the new format.
    • Plans for The Hawk continue to develop.