Leadership Council Update April 2021

Meetings: 2021-03-4 and 2021-03-18

Items which were addressed by Leadership Council during our recent meetings:

  • A subcommittee (Ken Kuehm, Rev. Joe Cherry and Cat White) met to set Building Use Guidelines for UUCC for this stage of the COVID Pandemic
    • Will be reviewed monthly as long as necessary
    • Emphasis: What activities are permitted by UUCC congregants in UUCC buildings
    • Renters adhere to UUCC requirements and assume the risk for their own activities.
  • COVID signage has been improved at all entrances and in all currently used spaces at the Shaker building.
  • Rev. Joe Cherry is planning an outdoor Flower Communion and a service to honor the history of the Lancashire building.
  • Don Stimpert is continuing to work on the building internet issues. He suspects the problem is with the Spectrum equipment.
  • Don is also archiving video files of UUCC events so that they can be removed from staff computers.
  • Cat White gave updates on the work of the Website team. The target date for the new communications formats is April 3.
  • There was a discussion about the YouTube Channel and people‚Äôs difficulty in finding the Sunday Services. Cat showed how the videos are organized on the channel and the settings required to have them appear correctly.
  • Staff items from March 18:
    • Sharon Edmond announced that the annual Auction will be May 22 (details are in the works). She is also coordinating the use of the parking lot by the Green Energy Ohio for its annual solar event. In-person Coffee Hours will return on April 4. She has been supporting the work of the Stewardship and Search Committees.
    • Shirley Nelson is working with Fresh Fork, a farm share organization, to use the parking lot on Fridays this summer for weekly pick-ups. They will donate 3 shares to UUCC in return for the use of the parking lot. The shares may be used as an auction item.
    • Mike Carney is working with Moises Borges on another parking lot concert for May 29. He will be bringing proposals to LC for improving the indoor and outdoor sound systems.
    • Sharon Edmond will contact members of the Congregation who have not received their 2020 Auction items. Sharon is helping with video production for Stewardship and Search committees.
  • Buildings & Grounds is working on a number of items:
    • The pump for heating the sanctuary has been ordered and will be installed when it comes in.
    • There has been a request to plant a memorial tree in either the permaculture garden or the memorial garden.
    • The membership committee has proposed building a permanent fire pit. 
    • There is still an issue with the fire alarm.
    • The roof continues to leak in the Shaker Building around the skylight. The roofing company has been called.
    • A third recycling bin mysteriously appeared.
    • Rust Belt Riders will be putting a lockable compost bin somewhere in the Shaker parking lot. It will take all compostable.
    • Automated soap and towel dispensers have been ordered for the Shaker building bathrooms.