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Deadline Extended: Respond to the enclosed survey https://forms.gle/VCGLAV3y67faGLFQ7

Interactive game and one more chance to learn about the 8th Principle: May 14 2:00-3:30 pm on Zoom. Project Octave: an Escape ZoomOne more opportunity to prepare for the vote on adopting the 8th Principle at UUCC’s Annual Meeting—This Zoom meeting starts with a fun virtual escape room experience that opens discussion about the 8th Principle.  It is appropriate for youth over the age of 14 as well as adults.  To Register email Nancy King Smith [nancykingsmith@mac.com]

A Message from the UUCC Board and the Racial Justice Leadership Team (RJLT)

What is the 8th Principle?

We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.

Why is an additional Principle specific to racism being proposed?
The 8th Principle originally came from observations, especially by UUs of color, that the existing seven principles do not inspire action and accountability for undoing systemic racism and other oppressions. The nation’s unique history of chattel slavery has left deep scars; widespread media coverage of recent acts of brutality against people of color have exposed to us the ways our institutions reinforce white supremacy. Many UUs feel urgently called to fight the systems of oppression, not simply reject racism.  The 8th Principle above has already been explored by many congregations and over 150 have adopted it to build support for its inclusion in the current study of UU Principles that will be presented by the Article II Study Commission in January of 2023.  Many more UU congregations are voting on adopting the 8th Principle this Spring.

Why do we believe that UUCC should adopt it?
Simply, the 8th Principle reflects the commitment to becoming a diverse multicultural and anti-racist congregation that UUCC has already made; making it a cornerstone of our faith strengthens that commitment in a concrete and tangible way. Our strategic plan identifies intersectional justice as a key part of our mission, but our Principles are what bind us together spiritually. The Principles are what we teach our youth and what we celebrate. They are what we see every time we gather for worship in the Sanctuary. Our Principles are how we want to be known in our community. The Board and the RJTF believe that the time has come to publicly and resolutely join our fellow UU congregations who have bound themselves to action and accountability in adopting the 8th Principle. The 8th Principle was first supported by participants in Beloved Conversations starting in 2020. This winter, we held a five-week ARE course and one session mini-version of the course was offered. In February, during Chalica, Rev. Randy shared a thoughtful sermon about the 8th Principle. Some of our small groups have spent time exploring it. We want to survey the congregation to see if we are ready to present it for a vote at the May 22 annual meeting.

What can you do?

1. Learn More

* Explore the resources listed below

Attend the Zoom presentation and discussion on April 16, 3 pm

· Participate in an in-person discussion on Wednesday, April 27, 7 pm, Fellowship Hall

2. Respond to the enclosed survey by May 1 either by mailing it in or going to https://forms.gle/VCGLAV3y67faGLFQ7

3. Talk with a member of the Racial Justice Leadership Team (listed below) and/or invite them to present to your committee or group.

Resources for learning more about the 8th Principle

· Explore the 8th Principle website: https://www.8thprincipleuu.org

· Listen to Rev. Randy Partain’s Chalica sermon on the 8th Principle https://www.facebook.com/uucleveland/videos/3076603849275275 (sermon starts at 46:50 but the whole service is worth your time!)
· Watch the PowerPoint of the 8th Principle Mini-course: https://tinyurl.com/bdz776rz

· Read or watch Tait Manning’s Senior Sunday Speech at UUCC, June 2021 · Video: https://uucleveland.org/services/senior-sunday/ ·
Print: https://bit.ly/3NQN6l6
· Listen to Paula Cole Jones talk about it: https://www.uua.org/leadership/library/bipoc-and-8th-principle

· Read the FAQ’s from River Road UU: https://bit.ly/8thP-FAQ

· Look at the accountability goals set by First U of Honolulu: https://uuhonolulu.org/justice/8th-principle-task-force/

· Contact a member of the Racial Justice Leadership Team: Nancy King Smith, chair, Kerry Breitenbach, Erica Brown, Pat Dillard, Christie Manning, Roschelle Ogbuji, Rev. Randy Partain

What are some possible outcomes of adoption of the 8th Principle by UUCC?

· Additional opportunities for participation in racial justice activities

· Creation of a welcoming atmosphere for people of all cultural backgrounds

· Development of an explicit plan with accountability goals

· Strengthening of community partnerships aimed at dismantling systemic racism

· Intentional monitoring of internal policies and practices for cultural bias

· Increased interest in the UUA review process of the Principles

· Greater support for the spiritual needs of Persons of Color within UUCC