Making (and Maintaining!) Connections

‘Feeling connected’ in the days of COVID is a challenge for all of us. Some of us have been able to find ways to carry on our UUCC connections—mostly via zoom—and some of us have not had an easy time of it. That’s why we’re planning to check in on those we’ve had little contact with. Essentially, we want to reach out and let them know UUCC is here for these folks.

Shortly after the new year, the plan is for a group of UUCC members to email and call the folks we haven’t seen since the Spring. Our goal is to find out how they’re doing and ask if we can help connect them to UUCC activities as we move through the age of COVID. Anyone interested in assisting with this outreach effort can contact Terry Robbins or Amy Glesius. We’ll fill you in on the details!

Thank you,
Terry Robbins