Mini Cyber Auction – Fresh Fork Market

Fresh Fork Market has donated 3 shares of their food subscription service and we will auction off those shares this weekend. The Auction website goes live on Friday, May 26 at 10 am and will run until Monday, May 29 at 5 pm. From the comfort of your home bid on 1 or all 3 of the shares.

Fresh Fork works with more than 100 family farms all within 75 miles of Cleveland to put together a tote full of groceries for our customers every week. With three different food preference options, the totes include a mix of fresh produce, fruits, pasture raised meats, whole grains, farm-fresh eggs, grass-fed dairy products, and a variety of value-added items. Subscribers come and collect their bags at one of our 20+ pick up locations all over town. Once you have a subscription, you’ll also gain access to our online shop where you can hand-pick extra items every week for a one-stop grocery trip.

Please carefully read through the auction rules below.


  • You must register in order to participate in the auction. An account is not necessary to preview items but you must create an account if you want to bid.

Preview the auctions offerings here:

Bidding, Shipping and Delivery

  • To bid simply fill out the bid sheet information. Bidding will end at 5:00 pm and winners will be notified by email.  
  • “Minimum raise” means you must raise the prior bid by the amount noted. Highest bid(s) win!
  • Invoices for all unpaid items will be sent to the winning bidder at the end of the auction if not paid via credit card via UUCC paypal, check or cash. Bidders must pay invoices in full not later than June 1 before receiving the item/service.
  • All winning bids and donations are non-refundable
  • Pick up of Fresh Fork Shares will begin on Friday June 2 until October 27 between 4 – 6:30 pm in the UUCC Parking lot or at a closer location of your choice.
  • In the unlikely event you do not want to bid on any shares you can give the auction an extra financial boost via donation. 
  • As always, if you have and questions or concerns please reach out to your friendly neighborhood event coordinator at

And again, thank you for your generous donations! Every penny helps benefit all of us! Your dollars go directly to the church to fund our mission.

-Sharon Edmond,Event Coordinator