Notes From Our Board President January 2021

We’re in the midst of the long nights as I write this. I wish you twinkling lights and warm fires as 2020 comes to an end and 2021 brings us a new year.

I want to give you a brief update on our progress on our strategic plan that was approved at the May 2020 annual meeting.

Our mission is:

  • Community, within and without
  • Spirituality, searching and growing
  • Justice, in action

The vision is:

To be a large, vibrant spiritual community, known for our warm welcome and fierce, compassionate commitment to justice.

There are five strategic goals to help bring our mission and vision to light:

  1. Visibility:
    This is the piece that focuses on getting the word out about UUCC and UU in general to the wider community. A marketing committee has been assembled and is trying out and learning from some web advertising. In addition this committee has spearheaded the update of the website. John Bacon is leading the Marketing Committee
  2. Community Building:
    Involves building our community – both the people already here, and those who are new to our doors. A Communications Task force is working on making sure that congregants are getting the information they need, when they need it. A subgroup of the Membership Committee, called the Connectors is contacting people new to UUCC and helping them find their place in our congregation, while another team is working on doing the same for our current members and friends. Bob Horan is the contact for the Communications Task Force, and Susan Paterson for Membership.
  3. Intersectional Justice:
    Justice work in all forms has a long history with UU’s in Cleveland. At this time the strategic plan work is identifying what we currently have going on, and looking to build a team that can help organize future efforts.
  4. Path to Ministry:
    This is in the hands of our Ministerial Search Committee. They’re doing what they need to be doing, and we’re entering the stage where they’ll be working really hard, and we won’t be hearing much of anything. As it should be, it’s a confidential time while they are talking to prospective ministers.
  5. Buildings & Grounds:
    The first task here is the work to sell the Lancashire property. The property is listed, they are responding to inquiries. Like any property sale it’s quiet, then busy, quiet again, and then an offer comes in and everything needs to happen quickly. Tom McKenna is chairing this effort.

Be well!

In fellowship,
Carol Gay