Notes From Our Board President March 2021

The following are some of the bigger topics discussed at recent board meetings:

Technology in the Shaker Building – you may have noticed problems with Sunday Services that force the Worship Team to stop sharing services with YouTube Live. We have an ongoing, and seemingly growing, problem with internet. Our goal is to spend the time, energy, and yes, money now, while the building is lightly used, so that once we are all in person and people are regularly working onsite that the entire technology piece (sound, internet, phones, alarm system, and whatever else is connected) is working smoothly.

Vaccines and Building Use – We know that a growing number of our congregation are getting vaccinated and all of us are wondering when we’ll be back in person. The board is working on this and are working to develop our guiding principles for congregational gatherings. This has been ongoing as conditions and knowledge of covid, as well as the efficacy of covid vaccines, grow.

Justice – The mission statement the congregation agreed to last May is “Community – within and without; Spirituality – searching and growing; Justice – in action.” To support this mission there are five strategic goals – one of those being Justice and now is the time to work on that. We are assembling a team we’ve playfully called our Justice League. This team will have people representing current UUCC justice initiatives, as well as people who have a passion for justice, but aren’t leading or heavily involved in at UUCC at this time. We see this as a team who will help UUCC expand our Justice efforts. If you are interested in serving on this team please let me know!

I’ll also have a State of the Congregation out shortly (maybe it will beat this newsletter?). Look for it. There is lots more information there.

In fellowship,

Carol Gay