Notes From Our Board President May 2021

There’s a busy-ness that comes with the end of the academic year, even in a congregation during a pandemic.

Wasn’t the Coming of Age Service a few weeks ago amazing? I remember how blown away I was by the first Coming of Age service I saw decades ago – I was in awe of those students, and just as in awe of this group. If you didn’t see it here’s the link, the video is embedded below.

There are several important congregation-wide events in May that I urge you to participate in.

  • First is the Budget Review on Sunday, May 2, at 12:15 pm on zoom (Link – 21-22 Budget Review) The finance committee has worked hard on the budget and is looking forward to sharing it with you. Ultimately this is our congregation, and the budget is for the work all of us care about!
  • Second is our Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 23 at 12:15 pm on zoom (Link – Annual Meeting Link). This is a requirement in our Code of Regulations – and has a quorum requirement! We need you there and will make it worth your time – and we’ll keep it to 30 minutes or less.
  • Last is the UUCC Auction being held on Saturday, May 22 – look for the article elsewhere in this newsletter for details!

In board news –

  • The board endorsed and wholeheartedly supports the Racial Justice Leadership Team’s project to bring Racial Justice conversations to committees and groups throughout the congregation.
  • The board approved the budget prepared by the Finance committee, to bring to the congregation. Many thanks to all who were a part of the preparation of the budget.
  • The board agreed to work to divest from a recently discovered asset (part of an estate we were beneficiaries of in the early 1980’s – but wasn’t discovered until a few years ago) which is associated with fracking. The finance committee is charged with determining value, after that we will decide how to process with the divestiture.
  • We are making contingency plans in the event the Search Committee does not find a suitable ministerial candidate.

In fellowship,
Carol Gay