Notes From Our Board President November 2021

Fall is in full swing and we’re getting in the swing of services back in the Sanctuary. It’s a good feeling. I’m pretty impressed by our ability to adapt to this changed environment. If you haven’t yet attended an In-Sanctuary service, we have extra board and leadership people ready to help you find an appropriate seat and assist you in figuring out how this slightly different worship environment works. We look forward to you joining us when you’re able.

There continues to be a lot of work and thought going into how we can gather and keep people as safe as possible. While, as UU’s we don’t have a creed, we are a covenantal entity and rely on our In-Person Gathering Covenant to guide our behavior.

Gathering Covenant

Returning to Indoor Sunday Services

I know that many of us will be happy to get back to potlucks and breakfasts. Unfortunately, the reality is that we don’t think it’s safe quite yet. With our Covenant we are bound to wear facemasks while we are together – food doesn’t mix well with that. In addition, the number of people who want to attend events like our breakfasts and potluck would overload our capacity. For now, we will need to make do with occasional treats outdoors at social (coffee) hour.

Our Office Volunteers are coming back in the office. We don’t have a full contingency quite yet (are you interested – contact me!), but there’s a chance of having a volunteer answer the phone if you call the church during the work day.

It’s nice to see small groups begin to meet in person in the building. Groups may meet inside as long as members follow requirements of social distancing of 6 feet and wearing masks regardless of vaccination status. Groups should discuss the Small Group Regathering Decision Guide before making room inquiries. *

The Building and Grounds Committee has determined room capacity limits consistent with this policy. The administrator will assign rooms in consultation with members of the Buildings and Grounds Committee. *

For groups that chose not to meet in person we continue to have a Zoom account and can set up those meetings for you. *

*Who do you contact to reserve a room in the building? Who do you contact to request a Zoom meeting for your group? As you know, our amazing and beloved office administrator, Shirley Nelson is retiring on October 31. We aren’t quite thru the hiring process for her replacement, so for the month of November only, if you have a request, please email it to They’ll do their best to get your request handled.

In Fellowship,