Notes from our DRE June 2021

“Suppose god . . .”

Coming Attractions…

The summertime is always a little unusual at UUCC. We still gather week by week, but who is around and what we are up to can be a little out of step with the rest of the year. Things are more casual and this summer in particular––as we slowly(?) sort of(?) defrost(?) from the pandemic––is going to be different for everyone. 

So, this July and August we’re going to have a worship series that will be an invitation to spend some time reflecting on those questions that, during the rest of the year, we don’t have time for, or attention for, or just enough concentration to spend with them. 

The diversity and breadth of our people is our deepest strength as Unitarian Universalists. It means that we have a huge range of experiences and personalities that can inform our own spiritual lives––how we understand ourselves, our deepest purposes, what is holy, and who god is. 

This summer we’re going to explore that diversity by considering the different ways that we can think about god by building on the different ways to finish the question: “Suppose god….” After all, by having a diversity of approaches and experiences, we can try things out and see how they fit. We can entertain ideas without giving ourselves over to it. We can try on a thought and see how it fits. So, we’re going to be finishing that sentence and exploring the ways that we imagine and see “god.” And here’s the calendar for how we’ll be proceeding:

  • July 11     “… Is One”
  • July 18        “… Is Many”
  • July 25     “… Is Everywhere”
  • August 1     “… Is in Everything”
  • August 8     “… Isn’t.”
  • August 15    “… Evolves with us.”
  • August 22     “… Is a Mystery.”
  • August 29     “Responsible Supposing” a

Each of these services will reflect not only on what it means to imagine god this way, but also on the spiritual and personal experiences that go along with these perspectives. Music, readings, and reflections––we’ll think about god and ourselves from as many angles as we dare! And each service will tap into the great strength of Unitarian Universalism to embrace diversity and to see in all of our differences the strength to affirm one another and learn from one another. 

So, this summer, come and explore with us in a space free of judgment or dogma — bringing your own experiences with you, along with a readiness to learn from others’ — and consider the different ways we can suppose god to be.

Allan T. Georgia

M.Div., M.T.S., PhD


Director of Religious Education (Lifespan Faith Development)

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland