Notes From Our Minister January 2021

Rev. Joe Cherry

Dear Members & Friends,

There is a little bit of magic that every one of us possess. We have an unlimited amount of this magic, and it seems to grow only more vast the more we try to use up all of it. Like all things that are magical, this thing is intangible, and though it can’t be shared directly, what you do with it can be shared.

This little bit of magic that I’m referring to is imagination, perhaps the most powerful force in the human arsenal. I know, I know, you may argue that love is the most powerful force in the universe, but I will counter that without imagination, love would lay unrealized.

Because in order for you to find love, you have to imagine that you are lovable and capable of love yourself. You have to be able to imagine that the person that has caught your eye might be feeling a little twinge in their heart about you, too.

And imagination is so versatile! Everything thing brought into this universe by the human mind owes its very existence to imagination. From there, this birthing of wonderful things requires other skills, but imagination is not a skill.

Imagination is an intrinsic gift, born in each of us.

There are people who think they can’t sing, and people who think they can’t dance. Likewise, there are people who cannot lift heavy objects and there are people who are not good with tiny pieces of Legos because their fingers are too clumsy.

But all of those people can imagine doing these things.

This month, as the days FINALLY begin to get a little longer, and there is so much change in our future, consider yourself invited to spend time with your imagination. Write poetry, draw in a notebook, take a picture, and knit a hat or just day dream for a while.

Our imaginations are what have brought humanity through our evolution to become who we are today. Surely, the game of creation does not stop with us!

Engage with that which is possible, improbable, uncertain and just plain not very likely! Your imagination is without limit!

Rev. Joe