Notes From Our Minister March 2021

Rev. Joe Cherry

Dear Members & Friends,

Have you ever thought that you might be mistaken about something? If so, I have some good news for you. March 15th has been declared as National Everything You Think Is Wrong Day, by a group of people committed to finding a national holiday for every calendar day of the year.

At first, I thought it was a silly idea, but turns out I could be wrong. Maybe it is just a made up holiday, and maybe it isn’t the most important thing to celebrate, but again, we could be wrong.

Instead of just rolling your eyes (like I did) consider for a moment what the “founders” of this holiday recommend:

March 15th recognizes Everything You Think Is Wrong Day, a day where decision making should be avoided, as your thoughts are (according to the founder of this holiday) wrong.  It is also a day created for some people to realize that they are not always right.

While starting a conversation, one might want to avoid using the words “I think.” The observance may be a time for all to contemplate our own lack of knowledge. It is okay that one does not know everything, and if there is a need to feel as if you do, hold on. Tomorrow will be here soon, and then once again, you can think that you do!

What a delightful way to bring mindfulness into your life.

As Unitarian Universalists we have committed ourselves to dismantling power structures that we know damage the lives of those around us. We work to dismantle racism, sexism, economic injustice, environmental tragedies.  What would it be like to do all of this work with a mind certain that it might be wrong?

A curious mind instead of a certain mind. How might that change the good work you do in the world?

In Faith,

Rev. Joe