Operations Council Update September 2021

Meetings: 2021-08-04 and 2021-08-19

2021 Operations Council Update for September 2021

Items which were addressed by the Operations Council during our recent meetings:

Regathering Procedures: Masks are now required for all meetings inside Shaker Building even if all participants agree not to wear masks. Sunday Services will be held outdoors as long as weather permits, likely until early October.

We are exploring using window fans and purchasing HEPA air filters to improve the indoor air quality.

The Ushers have been reformed with Steve Doell leading them (we still need more volunteers to be Ushers, a once a month task.). The Ushers will help to ensure that persons attending indoor services will sit in the 2 persons (or 3 or 4 or more for families) pod sections that have been marked off in the Sanctuary. It is projected that we could safely have 140+ persons in the Sanctuary with Fellowship Hall as an overflow if necessary.

Sound system upgrade: Mike Carney has been soliciting bids for a new indoor sound system. He hopes to have a final decision within two weeks.

Buildings and Grounds: A contractor for repairing the flat roof at the south end of the building has been selected. Once that work is finished, which is projected to be by the end of September, new ceiling tiles and floor tiles will be installed on the second floor of the west wing.

A vendor for the carpet runners for both stairs has been selected and they should be installed shortly.

The new tent was set up but a severe storm two weeks later partially collapsed it. We are looking into obtaining replacement poles. The canvas top was not damaged.

Communications: The need for an improved live streaming device was identified, purchased and used for the 8/22 service.

Alcohol Consumption at UUCC: A new Procedure for reviewing requests when either a UUCC event sponsor or a renter wants to have alcohol consumed as part of the event has been set.