Operations (Leadership) Council Update July 2021

Meetings: 2021-6-3 and 2021-6-17

Items which were addressed by the Operations Council during our recent meetings:

  • Our Name!
    • The name “Leadership Council” has been recognized as problematic for several reasons, among them confusion with the “Leadership Development Committee,” contention over its structure and authority, and distraction from its purpose: the operations of UUCC.
    • The current LC proposed a name change late in 2020, but it was not brought before the Annual Meeting for approval as a Code item. For the 2021-22 Congregation Year, Leadership Council will be called “Operations Council,” abbreviated as “OC,” informally and the change will be formalized at the 2022 Annual Meeting.
  • Transitions
    • Ray Gonzalez will represent the Board of Trustees by stepping into the role of Past President and leader of the OC for the 2021-22 Congregation Year.
    • David Kantor will represent the Finance Committee.
    • Representatives from Buildings and Grounds and Staff will need to be appointed soon by the Board of Trustees.
  • Supporting Sunday Services
    • Coordinating and understanding plans for Search and Sunday Services have been major emphases for OC as in-person Services have started outdoors.
  • Technology
    • Don Stimpert has made some recommendations regarding our technology which have been adopted, including discontinuing one voice phone line as well as a static IP address which will save UUCC about $350 a year and decommissioning a network server left over from First U (the files have been backed up to various media for review).
    • OC has determined that UUCC’s social media accounts need attention. UUCC lacks policies and procedures for securing, accessing and using its Facebook and other social media accounts. The productivity accounts (Google and Microsoft) need similar attention. OC recommends a task force be formed to develop and review standards and procedures.
  • Building Use
    • Buildings and Grounds is looking to purchase a tent like the one used June 6 to provide shelter during Sunday Services, memorial services, group meetings and other events now and in the future.
    • Shaker building security continues to be an issue while it is still opened in a limited fashion. The biggest problem is that doors are being propped open to make it more convenient for people to enter when the doors are normally locked. Renters are being reminded about security. Staff is coordinating their schedules to ensure there are 2 people in the building when it is occupied. Eventually the Welcome Office volunteers will provide an additional presence in the building when we return to more normal operations. In addition, the Shaker building security camera system is being updated.
    • The Building Use Group (AKA the “Reopening Group”) will be reconvening to revise the regathering requirements under the leadership of Ray Gonzalez.