Our New Chalice

by Peggy Lagodny and Debbie Kuehm

Earlier this year, as part of the Worship Team, Debbie Kuehm and I were tasked with finding a new chalice for our newly reunited congregation. 

We didn’t have a specific type of chalice in mind.  But we wanted something that was deeply symbolic of coming back together. 

We looked on the internet for designs.  We sent out request for proposal letters, and talked to artisans who worked in glass, ceramic, metal and wood.  We took field trips…to Boston Mills art show, and to local studios.  We corresponded with artisans outside of Ohio. 

It came down to 4 finalists…artisans who worked in glass and artisans who worked in metal.  The final choices were sent to the Worship Team, and together, we selected the chalice you see before you on Sunday mornings.

We chose this chalice because of the design.  The stem is two spirals, symbolizing our former congregations and their histories, twining into one, coming together, supporting the cup, which is symbolic of our new community. 

The artist who created this beautiful chalice for us is Don Paul of Prairie Pauls studio. He studied at the Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village Schools where his inspiration for sconces and light sculptures began. Don strives to create a soft warm glow that reflects off the copper and brass. He combines casting, heating, bending, forging, and rolling. Each piece is unique, especially when combined with natural materials such as exotic wood, as represented in the base of our Chalice.

Don was very responsive and collaborative in the efforts to make our piece unique for us while juggling a busy summer of travel and shows around the country. He wanted everyone to know how pleased he was to be chosen to create such a symbol of our unity.