Speaker: Rev. Joseph M Cherry

Your Story

What is the story you tell others about you? What is the narrative that you share in public places, that may be a little revealing, but mostly concealing, about your life? How does that story differ from what you think of as your actual story?


There have been many Romantic Comedies made in Hollywood about the difference between What He Said and What She Said. The differences between points of view can be both, or either romantic or comical, but they are not limited to those two options.

Famous Last Words

Join us Sunday as we explore the sometimes funny and other times poignant words with which people leave this life. You may even be asked to quote someone yourself!

Being Mindful

This week begins the celebration of Ramadan for our Muslim friends. What can their spiritual devotion, expressed as intentional living, teach us about how to live more authentic lives?

The Seeds Emerge

For 50 years the seeds of Rev. Dr. King’s Poor People’s Campaign have lay dormant. With the work of Rev. Dr. William Barber, we are helping to wake up those seeds and bring a new garden of social justice to our world. Please join us.

Gardening as An Act of Faith

Though humans have been planting gardens for millennia, they come with no guarantees. Come Sunday and explore the faith we place in gardening and other hard to predict things.

It’s Precarious

In honor of the Cleveland Film Festival, we will be viewing a short film called “Balance,” by Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein this Sunday. What lessons might we see together in this 8-minute movie that won an Oscar?

The Unrealized Hope of Lewis McGee

Hope is desire of future good coupled with expectation.  It has been said while there is life there is hope; we could express an equal truth if we should say while there is hope there is life.

Still She Persisted

A year ago, one senator thought he could shut down another senator as she spoke truth to power. He clearly had no idea how badly he had mis-read the social cues of the moment, or what his actions might unleash.