Thank You for Supporting FDR Partners!

As we have shared, UUCC has a supportive partnership with FDR Academy, a Cleveland Municipal School District (CMSD) PreK-8 school in Glenville.  This spring, there have been two important opportunities to support FDR:  The production of Disney’s musical, the Aristocats;  and the Attendance Incentive Program.

We are happy to announce the successful completion of both projects last week!

The Aristocats

Performances were on May 18 for students and May 20 for parents and the public.  The students did a great job, as those of us attending from UUCC can attest!  We appreciate UUCC’s contribution to this memorable experience for the FDR students – including funding for scenery and rehearsal-time snacks, John Bacon’s wonderful contribution as Videographer, and Laurie Albright’s offering of a delicious cake for the cast party.  Very special recognition goes to Beck Burns, who served as Music Director, tirelessly offering her amazing musical and teaching skills over many months!

Attendance Incentive Program

The goal of FDR’s two-month attendance program was to encourage the return of school attendance to pre-pandemic level, through weekly rewards to the grade with the highest attendance.  UUCC’s role was to provide the reward, goodie bags for the winning students.  The eight-week program is now completed, with the winning grades were at/near the target goal and excited to be recognized.  Again, we appreciate UUCC’s contribution to this important project – through funding for the prizes, much help decorating and filling the bags at coffee hour, and bringing them to FDR.

Thank you, UUCC, for supporting our FDR Partnership and for helping to make a difference for these students!