Urban Hope

Urban Hope is an Ohio City storefront soup kitchen that area Unitarian churches support. In non-Covid times, UUCC volunteer opportunities include buying ingredients, communally cooking (in the church kitchen), and serving the meal, plus donating other items. Volunteers are always welcome. Our congregations turn is the 4th Sunday of each month.

We Need Volunteers for Urban Hope! 
During Covid, we’ve been preparing lunch bag dinners for the Urban Hope guests. Lunch bag suggestions include sandwiches, chips, granola bars, cookies, fresh fruit or fruit cups and water. We can guide you through putting this together. It’s a great service project for a small group or family, especially when each participant takes a piece of the project. And it’s fun and rewarding! March supporters included: Felisa Anthony, Amy Skerry, Sandy Wilson, Becky Burns, Julie Short, Jane Montgomery, Jean Martin, John Martin, Ivy Kopit and Joan Orr.

Please contact us to get on the monthly schedule! 

The Urban Hope Team:

Jean Martin,  Laurie Holmes,  Jean Ellsworth-Wolk