UU Justice Ohio: Women’s Health & Environmental Justice: Fracking

Zoom: January 23, 2022 5pm Registration Required

Appalachian women are being forced to carry an unreasonable and dangerous burden for the environmental recklessness of oil and gas producing businesses, legal regulators, and legislators. Pollutants from the fracking industry affect women in unique and serious ways. Current State and Federal regulations designed to protect the public from environmental harm are either ineffective or not enforced.
Join Dr. Peggy Ann Berry, PhD, RN, COHN-S, CLE, PLNC, FAAOHN on January 23, 2022 to learn about the health risks to Appalachian women that are being ignored by regional leaders charged with protecting and preserving women’s health. Dr. Berry has been a leader in identifying and providing solutions for women in Appalachia who are in the crossfire of business driven pollution, and Appalachia’s dirty economic reality.

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