UUCC Good Trouble Electoral Justice Campaign 2022

9-26-2022 Update:
UUCC now has 64 people in Good Trouble!!! The two tables we had after services Sunday September 25th were busy writing postcards and letters, plus some folks stopped by to gather materials to write at home! Others are going online and printing out their own letters!

We finished our postcards to Texas and our letters to Pennsylvania. We are now working on postcards to Michigan and letters to Georgia. Our Ohio coordinator said we finished up the last of the Georgia letters available – a good thing meaning that lots of people have been writing.

Join us on Sunday October 2nd in Fellowship Hall after the service around 11:15 or so for coffee, companionship and for more letter and post card writing! We are a fun group with a serious mission.

If writing postcards and letters isn’t your thing, be sure to look at the list of other ways to get out the vote. Everybody’s help is needed!

sign up to be part of UUCC’s Good Trouble Electoral Justice campaign https://forms.gle/mF5Fb6Nmg2JTiEPG9

Questions? Email Laurie ljalbright@hotmail.com, Pat patdillard13@gmail.com, or Nancy nancykingsmith@me.com


Why do we care? What can we do? What can you do?

The stakes are high in November. The upcoming midterm elections will have significant impacts on racial and climate justice and LGBTQ/gender and reproductive rights. We need elected officials at the national and state level, including a judiciary, who will support our communities.

We are challenged to put our faith into action, upholding the legacy of the late Congressman John Lewis to “Speak up, speak out, get in the way. Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, and help redeem the soul of America.” Explore the range of opportunities described below to live your UU values and sign up to help us become a Good Trouble congregation.

While our efforts must remain non-partisan, we can work to get “depressed” voters who have not been participating to understand the importance of casting their votes. Hence, the push to get congregants involved in a variety of ways that align with the UUA’s Get Out the Vote campaign. Good Trouble Congregations are those that answer the call to organize their communities and engage in the multiple and necessary tactics that will help us win big for our communities in 2022.

We are partnering with Greater Cleveland Congregations, NOVA, Ohio Voter Rights, People for the American Way and Vote Forward, among others. The Good Trouble Team is made up of UUCC members who participated in last fall’s UUA Organizing School Training—Laurie Albright, Pat Dillard, Nancy King Smith, and Debbie Wright. We have the good fortune of being coached by just-retired UUA Coalitions & Partnerships Organizer, Susan Leslie.

You can choose one or more of the activities below. We will host congregational events after church on September 18th and October 16th, or you can engage on your own time. Sign up for what might interest you and we’ll follow up with more information. https://forms.gle/mF5Fb6Nmg2JTiEPG9

List of volunteer opportunities:

What you can do now on your own: sign up for any of the following groups

· Register voters at sites such as food pantries, festivals, colleges with Northeast Ohio Voter Advocates (NOVA) https://nova-ohio.org/volunteer/

· Text Ohio voters to help them get answers to basic questions they may have about how, when and where they can vote. Sponsored by the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition. https://www.Ohiovoterrights.org

· Sign up to be a Poll Worker at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. https://boe.cuyahogacounty.gov/election-day-workers

What we can help you with (and you can do on your own too)

· Write postcards to infrequent Black voters in battleground states. Sponsored by Reclaim Our Vote action by Common Ground. https://www.centerforcommonground.org/postcarding

· Write letters to young voters and people of color who have been historically underrepresented in voting. Sponsored by People of the American Way partnering with Vote Forward (The Big Send). https://www.votefwd.org/pfaw

· Distribute palm cards regarding the Ohio Supreme Court races with Ohio Voter Rights Coalition https://www.Ohiovoterrights.org

· Sign up to be a Poll Ambassador to distribute posters, cards and yard signs featuring the Election Protection Hotline 1-866-OUR-VOTE to barbershops, coffee shops, bookstores, etc. https://www.Ohiovoterrights.org

We recognize that some people are already actively engaged in partisan voter recruitment. While we applaud those efforts, the UUCC Good Trouble campaign must be non-partisan. We’d be interested in hearing about what you’re doing and will invite you to our post-election Good Trouble celebration