UUCC Search Committee Candidates

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is excited to announce our slate of candidates to serve on the Search Committee at UUCC! Click on their names below their photos to read their biographies.

These eleven people represent to most Most Trusted members of the congregation, based on your input. Seven of these candidates will form our Search Committee and be charged with the extremely important assignment of determining our ministerial path forward.

As our code of regulations dictates, we will be following the UUA defined search process. While there are no guarantees in the search process, following the UUA process insures us the best chance of a successful search.

The search committee will ultimately have seven members. At the May 31 Annual Meeting, via electronic voting, members of the congregation will vote on who of these eleven candidates they would like to have serve on the Search Committee. The four people receiving the most votes from the congregation will be elected to the Search Committee. The board will fill the three remaining Search Committee seats by appointment from the remaining candidates. The board appointment assures that our search committee has the skills needed, and represents as much of the breadth of the congregation as possible.

Mark your calendar – LDC will be hosting a “Meet the Search Committee Candidates” Zoom session on Sunday, May 17 at 12:30 pm. It is important that you know who these people are and how they would approach their potential role on the search committee. During this session you will have the opportunity to hear from each of the candidates, as well as ask questions. Please make an effort to attend this session.

Not wanting this email to get overly long, we will be sending your more information on the Search Process next week.

Kim Littell, chair
Michael Arrington, vice-chair
Carol Gibson
Eileen McCully
Erika Brown, board representative
Carol Gay, board representative