UUCC Stewardship 2024 Email March 21

Hello Members and Friends,

We have just passed the halfway point in the 2024 UUCC Stewardship campaign. Have you taken steps yet to Nourish Our Spiritual Home?

First, we are grateful to everyone who has already supported our congregation. We have reached 28% of our goal for the 2024-25 congregation year and over half of the people who have pledged have increased their pledge amounts. Can you join this group of great supporters of our congregation?

On Sunday, March 17, UUCC Board and Stewardship member Valerie McFadden spoke about her pledge decision: “I’m happy to say that I was able to increase my pledge significantly this year. And this was due to a change in outlook rather than a change in finances.” You can watch Valerie’s remarks below and hear what impacted her decision. Then, please, like Valerie, consider what UUCC means to you.

If you are ready to pledge now, click on this link and complete the online pledge form.

In Fellowship with Gratitude,
The 2024-2025 UUCC Stewardship Committee
Sharon Edmond, Carol Gay, Ray Gonzalez, Dennis Grossman, David Kantor, Valerie McFadden, Rev. Randy Partain, Lou Salza, Don Stimpert, Cat White