Virtual Service: 5.17.20 Afro-Feminism

Intro with Music Under Explanation
Chalice Lighting
Call to Worship
Music Number – Come, Sing A Song with Me
Joys and Concerns
Unison Reading
Sweet Honey in the Rock, a history – Rev. Joe Cherry
Wayside Pulpit 1
Meditation – Hopi Prayer & Reflection by Alice Walker – Sharon Edmond
Music Number – We Are the Ones, We Been Waiting For
Lemonade Discussion (MultiGen Focus) – Dr. Allan Georgia
Music Number 3/Offertory – Brave
(plate to the Buhtanese Response Assistance Volunteer Effort)
Acceptance of Gifts
Wisdom from the Global Scripture – ‘Distilled Words” – Shirley Nelson
Cry – Alvin Ailey Ballet
Sermon – “In Solidarity, but not the same” – Rev. Joe Cherry
Wayside Pulpit 2