What is the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) at UUCC?

The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is one of two bodies elected by the Congregation at its Annual Meeting (the other being the Board of Trustees). There are six members of LDC, two Board representatives and four UUCC members. Two UUCC members are elected each year to serve a staggered 2-year term. The LDC’s 2023-24 members are:

  • Laurie Albright (2022-24)
  • Dawn Arrington (Board of Trustees liaison 2023-24)
  • Heather Craigie (2023-25)
  • Jess Levy (Board of Trustees liaison 2023-24)
  • Claudia Victoroff (2023-25)
  • Caryl Yoo (2022-24)

What’s the role of the LDC?

  • Connect with Committee Chairs & others regarding leadership candidates & needs;
  • Develop and implement periodic leadership training opportunities, including linking to relevant UUA Regional workshops;
  • Encourage participation in the UUA General Assembly and publicize availability of Congregation members’ access to the UUCC General Assembly Scholarship Fund;
  • Annually recommend candidates for the Board of Trustees and Leadership Development Committee.

What does that mean for Committee Chairs?

LDC is here to support you, the leaders of our Congregation. We’re here to help you with tips for your
role. There are so many resources for you that can be found here: www.uua.org. Here are a few that
have been helpful to other leaders and may be worth your time to review:

Meeting Organization and Facilitation

Group Dynamics/ Challenges

The LDC meets monthly and is interested in hearing how we might help to address your needs and concerns. LDC members are in a position to help with meeting tips, a formal training on a topic, or just problem solving through a particular committee challenge.

We look forward to working with you and thank you for your leadership!
LDC Members