Author: Randy Partain

Ruminations: Shoes

Sammie had a routine. Maybe we’d say a habit. The very first thing Sammie did after coming home was kick off whatever shoes Sammie was wearing. It was a way of saying, “Now I can relax.” The action was usually accompanied by a sigh … read more.

Ruminations: Mysterium

Even when we’re really good at something, we might look around the room and invite someone else to give it a try.

Ruminations: Unflippable

What unflippable table could make it easier for us to offer compassion? And maybe even give others the opportunity to provide care?  

Ruminations: Garlic

Maybe the thing that gives us life and breath and hope is devoting our time and energy to creating something that restores beauty and wholeness and well-being.

Help a Ukrainian Family Settle in Cleveland

Global Cleveland is seeking a small group from UUCC of 5 – 8 individuals who would find it meaningful to provide a legal passage for a Ukrainian family seeking to resettle in the Cleveland area. 

This need is urgent, as the Uniting for Ukraine program that … read more.

Ruminations: Fractals

Maybe the fractal designs in nature can be a reminder that sometimes we need to experience things at different levels before we really know them. 

New Podcast: Sacred Acts

Rev. Randy and Dr. Allan Georgia are considering creating a podcast to explore the spiritual practices of UUCC members. To introduce the new show, Allan and Randy invite you to “Ask Us Anything,” and they’ll answer your imaginative and profound questions in the initial episodes.

Here’s the form … read more.