Author: Randy Partain

Ruminations: Vulnerability

As we envision the kind of community where we can bring our authentic selves forward
and genuinely know one another, may we remember to invite our vulnerability as a path
to deeper connection.

Second Sundays Food & Fellowship!

Once again, Harry’s Kitchen Crew love to offer another monthly breakfast-lunch gathering meal on Sunday, February 12th.   As Punxsutawney Phil said on February 2nd “Six More Weeks of Winter”, but that does not mean Harry’s Kitchen Crew cannot bring to you a warm and tasty meal.  … read more.

Ruminations: Spin Cycle

Our washing machine has a problem finding its center. When it enters a spin cycle—which is intended to be a regular part of its functioning—it becomes unbalanced. The clothes are unevenly distributed in the machine, and it can’t function properly. It makes an awful racket. 

Sometimes, … read more.