Author: Randy Partain

Ruminations: Wonder

Our theme for December is Wonder. We’ll begin this Sunday with a spiritual grounding that is central to our faith tradition: surrendering to mystery.

Northeast Ohio UU Artists Show

The Aesthetics and Permanent Collection Committee at West Shore in Rocky River will be hosting “NUU” Art Exhibition: An Invitation for Northeast Ohio Unitarian Universalist Artists in early 2023. We are seeking professional and emerging artists from each of the area UU churches to consider … read more.

Ruminations: Why


Gratitude is at the heart of some fairly common spiritual practices. Some people keep a gratitude journal. Maybe around a table at Thanksgiving, some gatherings include an opportunity for everyone to name something for which they are grateful.

Some people don’t get a lot out of … read more.


We still have the capacity to be creative and persistent enough to extend genuine hospitality to one another—to express and receive active, unconditional love for one another. In mindfully apportioned, individually wrapped morsels.

Ruminations: Tie Clip

Tie Clip

On my personal altar, I have a tie clip in the shape of a key. It belonged to my grandfather. In a way, it represents reconciliation, which often requires some courage.

When I was growing up, I thought my grandfather was the epitome of serenity. … read more.

Ruminations: Stories

Are the stories you tell the ones you really want to be telling? Or are you telling stories that keep you from being who you most want to be?

Ruminations: Petals


As trees begin to cast off their leaves in my neighborhood, I’m reminded of an experience with a young friend. She had a flower with a lot of bright, delicate petals. As I watched, she plucked the petals off the flower and scattered them with … read more.