Come to GCC’s We the People the People Virtual Action, Thursday, 10-7-21, 7 pm

Come to GCC’s We the People Action on Thursday. October 7, 7 pm, via ZOOM. We need at least 25 from UUCC to attend this important social justice action.

Greater Cleveland Congregation’s (GCC’s) mission is to promote social justice reform in our community. GCC is holding an important social justice Action, and we hope you can attend. It will be an excellent opportunity to see justice in action, and to express our UU values.

WHAT: GCC We the People Action
WHEN: Thursday, October 7, 7-8:30 pm (via ZOOM)

The city of Cleveland will have its first new mayor in 16 years. This is a pivotal time in the city’s history. Mayoral Candidates, Justin Bibb and Kevin Kelly will be there, so we need to show up. This is our moment to shape our issues and show our power to the next mayor of Cleveland!

At this forum, GCC will ask the candidates about their willingness to commit to several platform issues that GCC members have identified as important to the welfare of the community.

As we know, power responds to power, and the number of people represent power. The number of people attending this meeting matters. We have committed our congregation to having at least 25 people attend. We still need a few more people to sign up to meet our pledge, so please consider joining us if you’re not yet signed up.

Please notify Pam Gibbon if you plan to attend, or if you have questions (216-371-9947, To attend this virtual meeting, please register using this link:.

Registration for the October 7th Action:

Your GCC Core Team,
Laurie Albright, Bev Austin, Pat Dillard, Pam Gibbon, Vern Sackman, and Mark Weber