Author: UUCC GCC Team

 GCC Pushes County Council for Pretrial Services

Pretrial Justice Team Pushes County Council to Fund Pretrial Services to Keep People out of Jail 

Dozens of GCC leaders were part of a crowd of 75 people that attended Tuesday June 20th County Council meeting to call on County Executive Ronayne and Council members to rethink … read more.

GCC Pretrial Justice ZoomTeam Meeting, February 7, 7 pm

Dear GCC Leaders,

GCC’s Pretrial Justice (formerly “Bail Reform”) Team is meeting on February 7th, 7 pm on zoom.

Please join us, with the link below.

• Since our last meeting in June 2022, we have learned much through research actions, interviews, reports and other sources.
• Our commitment … read more.

UUCC Shows Up at December 6 GCC Action

Over 934 GCC leaders and guests heard compelling information and facts from experts about Cuyahoga County’s overuse of Discretionary Youth Bindover, the process of transferring children under age 18 to adult court and, if convicted, sentencing them to adult prison. 

A highlight of the evening was the … read more.