Author: Pam Gibbon

Learn More about GCC: Training Opportunities

Are you interested in learning more about how and why Greater Cleveland Congregations (GCC) does it’s social justice work? GCC’s affiliate organization, the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), is offering 3 excellent training opportunities in May and June, described here.

Last January and February the IAF affiliates … read more.

GCC Leader will Speak on Democratic Reform 5-18 @7pm

GCC Lead Organizer Keisha Krumm will be a speaker at a virtual discussion hosted by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) featuring experts in democracy reform and community organizing.

The ability for every eligible voter to freely participate in elections is the cornerstone of our democracy. … read more.

GCC Criminal Justice House Meeting 5-26 @ 7:30 PM

Are the criminal justice issues swirling around laying heavy on your heart? Feeling a bit powerless as one person? Would you like to share with fellow congregants your concerns that will be gathered up to inform Greater Cleveland Congregations next chapter in addressing Criminal Justice? … read more.

A Message from GCC’s Criminal Justice Team

A Message from Greater Cleveland’s (GCC) Criminal Justice Team: Join our Work Ahead:

We will not soon forget the events in the late afternoon of April 20th, 2021. In the same hour that a jury in Minneapolis, Minnesota convicted Derek Chauvin on three charges in the … read more.

GCC Deep Canvassing: To Get Out the Vote

Greater Cleveland Congregation’s (GCC) next Battle for Democracy team meeting will focus on the critical importance of deep canvassing in our efforts to combat voter suppression, regression and depression.

Joining us will be Dave Fleisher from the Los Angeles Leadership Lab. Considered by many to … read more.

GCC Gun Safety Consortium

We are excited that many of you have signed up for the Gun Safety
Consortium press conference on April 27th at 10:45am. For those of you
who will be attending the press conference, we invite you to register for
a brief update on the Gun Safety Consortium … read more.

Highlights of Recent GCC Activities: next assembly 5-27-2021

Here are highlights of GCC activities since our January Delegate Assembly. Due to the number of issue team meetings and religious holiday observances occurring this month, there will be no March Delegate Assembly. The next Delegate Assembly will be Thursday, May 27th, 2021
In January we conducted three sessions … read more.